when your fri ends say that their art isnt goo d


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whenever i draw a line in sai on this cp it takes like 2 seconds to load this is killing me

im going 2 post all of the pages i can do before i die watch as i slowly melt overnight

i feel like my brain is melting


i bought girlfriend magazine 4 no fucking reason what the h is 5sos

its like 11pm this computer sucks ass and i have 2 draw atleast 5 more pictures before i can sleep pls send me 2 yiff hell


this video is literally seven years old there are kids that exist on this earth that are going to school and getting an education that are younger than this video they could probably go home and go on youtube and find this video and be absolutely floored by the fact that youtube has been around longer than they have

bringing facebook memes to tumblr


The Plague Dogs (1982)

i have a froakie with protean owo


pls give me

"why are you crying?" "pokemon"

isnt cheren like 15 in bw2 why is he a gym leader why doea he look so old how old is cheren wtf

pokemon x goals

-get froakie with protean
-call my fenneken yiff